If your university has an exchange agreement with Örebro University, you can spend a semester or two with us. The idea of an exchange is that the credits earned during your stay abroad can be transferred back to your home university, as part of your academic programme. Once you have been nominated by your home university for participation in an exchange programme, you can apply for a place at Örebro University.

The International Office provides services to all incoming students and to outgoing students who wish to study abroad as an exchange student. We believe that each exchange student makes a valuable contribution to our university and student community. Our aim is to provide the information, help and support that will make your visit a rewarding international experience. The international coordinators will process your application and have close contact with the international coordinator at your home university. We also work closely together with the student assistant to get a good balance between the academic and the social part of your student life. Your studies are measured in ECTS credits and 1.5 ECTS credits are equivalent to one week of fulltime study.

The normal study load for one semester is 30 ECTS credits. The courses vary in length but are usually 7.5, 15 or 30 ECTS credits. At Swedish universities, courses are mainly taken consecutively. For example, a student takes a fulltime course of 7.5 ECTS credits for five weeks, which also includes the examination. When the course is completed, the student takes up the next course. As an exchange student, you are able to choose from across the range of courses offered in English at Örebro University, as long as you meet the prerequisites and as long as the courses are not full. For students with a good knowledge of Swedish and the appropriate prerequisites, it is also possible to choose from the range of courses offered in Swedish. Application is made online. For more information on courses and the application procedure, go to http://www.oru.se/exchange