ESN Örebro is soon holding its Annual General Meeting.
During this meeting, we will update our Statutes and elect our new Board. All positions are eligible.If you are interested in applying to any of the positions, please send an email to [email protected] with a short motivation as to why you would be good for the position. All applications must be emailed to [email protected] before the election and no nominations during the election is allowed. The deadline for applications is the 19th of April at 23:59.
Everyone is welcome to come to the meeting and discuss the agenda and the applications. However, only Fadders, Group Leaders, ESNcard holders and Board Members are allowed to vote.
Come to the meeting and make your voice heard! You just might help to change ESN Örebro for the better.
Here is a quick description of the different posts:
President is responsible for making sure the organisation runs smoothly. In charge of keeping up to date with all board members, calling board and general meets. The president also keeps up to date on what other local ESN sections are doing and how the Swedish network.
The Vice President is the local representative in ESN Örebro and also the connection to the national board. The VP supports the president and takes over responsibilities if the president is not present. The main task for the VP is to find new sponsorships for ESN Örebro.
The Treasurer holds the overall responsibility over ESN Örebro’s economy, together with the president. Duties include the financial planning of ESN events, producing financial reports at board meetings, bookkeeping, and creating and upholding the yearly budget.
The role of Event Manager is an exciting one with lots of potential for creativity. You will be a leading role as to organize a variety of events after the Orientation Programme (or Introduktionen in
Swedish)to make the entire semester unforgettable for our international students! Your task includes the organization of international trips by working with our ESN travel partner, Timetravels, with help from the international office at the university to pick out viable travel datesfor our students as well as what exciting locations they will go too! For this you will be also able to travel for free on the trips you have organized!!
You will also organize the selection of an event committee during and after the Orientation Programme. This event committee will be consisting of volunteers within ESN that you feel will help
you realize and put into practice yourevent ideas by planning and organizing events with you. The work with the committee entails organizing committee meetings where you will discuss and plan out
the semesters various events and report back to the board regarding ideas and progress on events. You will also in this regard work together with your fellow board members with budgeting and
marketing of these events through the board. Furthermore, you will assist the Orientation Administrator when needed with his or hers local ESN International Events, again with help from
your committee. Simply put, being an Event Manager lets you show your communication-, leadership- and organizational skills while truly help create memoriesthroughoutthe semesterfor
all involved!
The webmaster is in charge of all our social media accounts and website. The webmaster is also the secretary during
meetings and acts as a photographer during ESN events.
The position of Orientation Administrator (OA) is a very interesting and diversified position. You will be able to plan and participate in various tasks alongside the other Board Members. First, the OA is the representative and promoter of the Generals. The OA participates in the Generals’ election process, represents the Generals during Board Meetings and assists them when necessary. Second, the OA is responsible for implementing and organizing local events, following the causes of ESN International (Health and Well Being, Social Inclusion, Sustainability etc). Finally, the OA is an ‘overall helper’. The OA is ready to help other Board Members to accomplish their tasks when necessary
22/04/2020 - 18:15