Hej! Welcome to this new ESN-Örebro blog page! Firstly, I would like to congratulate every one of you as you have made the best decision by choosing the amazing Örebro University as your destination! In the upcoming one or two semesters, you will have great fun yet unforgettable exchange experience!

Let me introduce myself first, I am Calvin, a social science student from Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the last two semesters (2014-15 academic year), I came to a country far far away from my home for my academic exchange and it was such an impressive and adventurous experience that made me feel depress at the time I left Sweden!

After enjoying the eventful orientation programme organized by smart ESN board, I bet you guys are having lessons right now. However, many more events are waiting for you guys! From sea battle to crazy vodka tour, corridor parties with your friends, volleyball time, fika and of course, partying in Kårhus! Anyway, whichever way you like, just tell yourself that Sweden is amazing, Örebro amazing! There’s more than hundred ways for you to enjoy your unique exchange experience! Make sure you get enough fun before you leave the country. Once you miss it, you will miss it for your whole life!

For me, of course I miss Sweden, I miss everything in the country. I always wonder where’s fika, where’s strömpis, where’s köttbullar when I am back to Hong Kong. Anyway, I do feel no regret as I am confident that I have worked hard, played hard throughout the last year!

So, have fun in Sweden! Just write a blog if you wanna share anything, that’s for sure the best way to recall my Swedish adventure!!


P.S. If you are staying for 2 semesters and wanna to have extra 200% fun, remember to apply as a fadder and get to know more ESN buddies! (At least, I’ve done it!)